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May 18 at 7:00 pm

KING JUDITH is the story of a Detective named Miriam, who is investigating the disappearance of three women. The missing women are academics who’d been studying “lady of the lake” stories across the American south. The case turns dreamy and strange when Miriam starts having visions of Judith, a powerful ghost of the lake.

Starring Nicole Fancher as Miriam, Emily Ernst as Judith, Rhonda Boutte as Doyenne, Jo Schellenberg Churchill as Sister Woman, and Jenny Ledel as Catherine.Also starring Cameron McElyea, Ike Duncan, Van Quattro, Sasha Maya Ada, Owlex Oxen, Braden Joseph Socia, Michael W Green, Ace Anderson, Ely Sellers, Brett Ardoin, Abel Flores Jr.., Randall Garrett, Stephanie Cleghorn Jasso, Charles Dunnahoe and Mallory McCall.

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