VideoFest Presents LOOKING FOR HOME

December 8, 2022 at 7pm

at the Angelika Film Center

An Exploration of HOME – Before, During, After The Pandemic

In today’s uncertain world, what is the meaning of home? Over the course of four years, local filmmaker Alan Govenar talked to more than 60 people around the globe about the ever-evolving ways we think and feel about one of our most basic needs – from a college student in Buenos Aires to a homeless couple living in a makeshift tent in the woods in Dallas, a hot dog vendor in New York City, an artist in Nairobi, and a man and woman whose unlikely relationship emerged during France’s Covid lockdown.

As global crises have left millions of people both bound to and displaced from their physical habitats, LOOKING FOR HOME resonates across time and place, in search of a deeper meaning of home — a concept universally embraced, but which is now in an unprecedented state of flux.