The mission of the Video Association of Dallas is to promote an understanding of video as a creative visual art medium and cultural force in our society, in addition to supporting and advancing the work of Texas artists working in video and the electronic arts. As technology has changed since our inception, the VAD has evolved its mission to include digital video and other digital mediums. Through its programs and information services; the Video Association educates and informs artists, students, educators, critics, video/film producers, and the interested public to better understand, appreciate and evaluate the creative possibilities of the video medium, especially in combination with other digital technologies. The VAD also provides a forum for the work of regional video artists, in order to stimulate excellence in their work and provide the opportunity for dialogue and critical discussion.

VideoFest will be celebrating its 34th and final year in 2021! VideoFest is the oldest independent video festival in the United States and continues to garner critical and popular acclaim. Since 1986, Video Fest has specialized in independent, alternative, and non-commercial media, presenting hard-to-find works rarely seen on television, in movie theaters, or elsewhere, despite their artistic excellence and cultural and social relevance. Even in a Web 2.0 environment where everything is seemingly available on the Internet, the VideoFest provides curatorial guidance, a critical voice in the wilderness navigating the vast and diverse landscape of media, helping to interpret its cultural and artistic significance. The event still provides a communal environment for real-time, face-to-face dialogue between makers and audiences. DVF has shown countless films in the past including the Emmy-award winning documentary “Freedom Riders.” It has showcased work from filmmakers such as Jim Sheridan and Michael Moore and had many notable guests including Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam, as well as television icon and actor Paul Reubens.