Dallas VideoFest presented hybrid festival
in-person/online viewing format for
33 rd -anniversary festival: #DVF33DocuFest
October 1-4, 2020

“Documentaries give us greater insight into the world,” said Weiss. “When we see these headlines or view an ad on Facebook, we’re seeing one moment. Documentaries give us a canvas to put things into perspective, to understand these topics in a different kind of way.”

Meta Media Winner MIRACLE FISHING by Miles Hargrove

PROMO: MIRACLE FISHING director Miles Hargrove from Nantucket Film Festival on Vimeo.

Documentary Feature Winner COMING CLEAN by Ondi Timone

Honorable Mention Jimmy Carter, Rock and Roll President by Mary Wharton

Documentary Short Winner Shoulders Deep by John Fiege

thank You Lisa from I Love that Movie Podcast for our Dallas VideoFest Loteria