Dallas VideoFest brings Dallas’ documentary festival to its 32nd-anniversary Festival:

Dallas VideoFest 32’s DocuFest Winners
DocuFest ended on Sunday, October 6 with these award-winning documentaries taking home the top prizes
“We had a great festival with great films with many of the filmmakers in attendance and inspired audiences. When looking at the program, we noticed that the majority of features were directed by women. VideoFest continues to strive for greater diversity. In order to change the world, we need to amplify the varied voices of many in our communities,” said Bart Weiss, founder, head programmer and artistic director of Dallas VideoFest’s DocuFest. “This is more than just a historical narrative, however, as Alyssa Bolsey, given her close (if long-unknown) link to the subject, crafts a deeply personal story, as well. She is our main guide through the journey of discovery. Fortunately, she has unfettered access to her great-grandfather’s archives, using copious old footage to support the more contemporary material. In addition, she weaves in some fascinating talking-head interviews with filmmakers like Barbara Hammer and Wim Wenders, both of whom have worked with the Bolex, adding their voices to the paean of praise sung to Jacques’ brilliance. It all comes together in a fascinating mix, making of BEYOND THE BOLEX not only a great biopic but also a marvelous celebration of the art of cinema, as well,” said Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Professor and Chair of the Department of Film and Moving Image at Stevenson University, film critic, and filmmaker.     MR. TOILET: THE WORLD’S #2 MAN is a film that surprised us. Who would have thought that a film about the need for toilets could be so great? But this highlights what makes documentaries so great. A passionate character traveling the world, at great sacrifice to his family, to get clean water in remote places in a different kind of way. This is an environmental film that is fun; the audience loved it, and so did we,” said Weiss.
  • Short Documentary Film Award:
    • HOPE UNCLOAKED directed by Andrew Q Holzschuh
“Through HOPE UNCLOAKED, director Andrew Holzschuh crafted the true story of a father — a musician, inspirational speaker, a former addict revisiting his unsettling past — with cinematic grace, which this black and white film lends itself to effortlessly. The selective use of animation and special effects has its purposeful place in accentuating the darker times giving way to better days where ‘hope uncloaked’ takes center stage in a purpose-filled life,” said jurist, Susan Carol Davis, director of film programming for Thin Line Fest.  
  • Honorable Mention for Short Documentary:
    • LILY directed by Adrienne Gruben

“Adrienne Gruben’s interview driven LILY appeals to a wide range of ages and interests, accomplishing something that not all biographical documentary films do. Lily Renée escaped Nazi-occupied Vienna as a teenager to later become one of the earliest female artists during the Golden Age of Comics. For historians, for women in the workforce reformers and for Comic-Con enthusiasts, LILY lets us know that trailblazers may not make the headlines but are legendary nonetheless,” concluded Davis.

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