Dallas VideoFest’s Alternative Fiction partnered with Falcon Eve, Dallas-based event producers, which specializes in producing live online and virtual events, to deploy the latest live online technology via a secure and robust platform to create a virtual film festival experience in audiences living rooms.

Dallas VideoFest has been innovating with technology since 1987, such as showcasing HDTV and VR in 1988,  exhibiting interactive media, and pioneering using files instead of videotapes. We are constantly looking for new easy to connect with audiences, and this is the technology perfect for this moment in time.

“In this time when we are literally homebound, we are looking to be inspired. AltFiction’s narrative films will prove entertainment, inspiration and will be the cure for cabin fever,” said Weiss.

Winners of the 2020 Dallas VideoFest 32 Altnerative Fiction

Best Narrative  Feature Song Lang by Leon Le

Best of Big D Mobile Big D: Pulpe Fiction by Janek Tarkowski

Meta Media 39 and a Half by Kara Herold Best of Texas- Alora by Nicholas Muthersbaugh
Best Narrative short: Brother by Ya’ke Smith
Best International Short Mum’s Hairpins by Tatiana Fedorovskaya
Best First Time Feature Untimely by Pouya Eshtehardi

Innovation in storytelling Last Call by Gavin Booth

Best Animation Coup d’état Math by Sai Selvarajan

Green Film Award The Dendrite by Peter Koutsogeorgas

Special thanks to the Sponsors for helping to make this happen

Morton H Meyerson Family Foundation

Nation Endowment for the Arts

Texas Commission on the Arts

Thank you for all the individuals that donated to help make Alfiction possible

Dallas VideoFest 1 1987 Thank you to Heather A Treulieb, Glenys Quick, Hoanganh Nguyen, Diana Huie, Matthew McCormick, Karen Weiss, George Wada Photography, Mark Birnbaum, Elizabeth Bittner, Cynthia Salzman Mondell, Elizabeth Bittner, Kelly Randall, Jim Nugent, Vanessa Gray, John Hasley, Mona Kasra, Colette Copeland Williams,
Frank Garrett, Edward Yee