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Angelika Film Center - Dallas

AltFiction : Dallas VideoFest 2017

Dallas VideoFest 30 presents the final series of films in its fall season: Alternative Fiction Fest, featuring dozens of narrative features, TV-focused special events and shorts, during four days, Nov. 2-5, 2017, on one screen at one theater, Angelika Film Center, 5321 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75206.

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“There is lots of talk today about alternative facts and political narratives. The line between fact and fiction in life and in cinema is blurring. Filmmakers are making TV; TV shows become feature films. Who can even define what the idea of television is any more with networks along with the gamut of streaming services? DVF30’s AltFiction Fest devotes the weekend to ways of telling stories on large screens and small – film and TV and web – mixing media and mediums,” said Bart Weiss, founder and artistic director of Dallas VideoFest.

The narratives that make up the majority of AltFiction Fest explore this moment in time at the intersection between media and how cinema artists can create original work in this new world.

“Over the 4 days at the Angelika, a great palace of traditional cinema exhibition, AltFiction Fest features new works from local and international filmmaker telling unique stories, working the edges and sometimes the centers of this world,” said Weiss.


“This has been a very challenging year in programming. Since we are going from nearly 150 films over a week at VideoFest down to a few dozen, I have had to say no to a lot of really great films – films I would normally say a resounding ‘Yes!’ to,” said Weiss. “As a result, this is going to be one of the highest quality years in films that VideoFest has presented. And everyone will have the opportunity to see all of them they desire to see since we won’t have 2 or 3 auditoriums with films competing for audience members.”

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