A Triple Collaboration between Dallas VideoFest 28, Dallas Chamber Symphony and SMU’s Dance Program. Featuring the 1927 silent film METROPOLIS fused with dance and a live orchestral performance.

Presented By: Theater Jones and Common Desk


Date: October 13, 2015

Time: 8:00PM

Location: Dallas City Performance Hall – 2520 Flora Street, Dallas, Texas 75201

Special thanks to Jeff and Jani Leuschel and the Dallas Film Commission for helping make the evening possible.


The 28th annual Dallas VideoFest will open with arguably the most famous silent film, METROPOLIS. Since this is VideoFest, there’s a twist that will make it different than you’ve ever seen it before. On top of a new score by Brian Satterwhite, performed by the Dallas Chamber Symphony, this evening also includes the added dimension of custom choreography performed by SMU Dance.


Austin-based Brian Satterwhite has partnered with the DCS in the past with his critically acclaimed compositions for 2012’s “A Sailor Made Man” and 2013’s “The Cabinet of Dr. Cagliari.”

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