Hi all,

As I travel the country talking to people, I often get thanks for this newsletter, and that makes me really happy. As a kid, I could not write very well and my mother (may she rest in peace) worried that I would not do well because of it. I write for the newsletter but the main way I communicate is through making and screening films.

For those in the North Texas area, I’m sure you have been getting many emails with nice graphics about North Texas Giving Day, which is coming up next week. Raquel and I work extremely hard to bring so many film experiences to the North Texas area. These include DocuFest, Alternative Fictions, The Dallas Medianale, The Ernie Kovacs Award, Frame of Mind on KERA TV, The North Texas Universities Film Festival, The 24 Hour Video Race, CatFest and there is probably something else that I’m forgetting.

Your donations have made and continue to make groundbreaking programs. For upcoming DocuFest, we are committed to bringing in more filmmakers, and we have an ambitious plan to do a unique animation program that will be as groundbreaking as our screening of Metropolis with a commissioned score and live dance performance.


We have been hard at work producing unique programming and have been for 32 years and now because or members and donors help! Remember when you donate to Dallas VideoFest, you know it will go to local projects, events, screenings, and festivals, NOT to overhead.

Give now so next week when you read the newsletter, you can know that you made this happen! Thank you so much,

Bart Weiss

2019-09-04 - 24-Hour Video Race Finals 024